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find a place for yourself.

CL Men

Seek God first and fellowship between brothers are the key of CL Men. Every two month we meet for breakfast at the Roof Top for the opportunity for the men of our church to eat together, be challenged by an encouraging word, and push each other to grow. Life isn’t just better together, it’s impossible to do alone. As men, we must prioritize healthy environments and relationships that sharpen and support us. CL Men Breakfast is a place to find those relationships! You should expect great food, engaging conversation, and a short message of God's Word.


This is a space for the youth! If you are between 13 and 25 years old, CLAY is a great place for you to get connected and discover the purpose of God and how He can use you to make a difference in this world!
In CLAY you have a place to belong, a place to grow in faith and a safe place to make
friends. We love to see you at one of our bi-weekly services!

Connect Groups

There’s so much more to Connected Life than just sitting in rows on Sunday morning. We
think that in Connect Groups are the best way to make friends and grow spiritually here.
These groups meet in homes weekly during several times in the year. Looking forward to
next season!

Lego Kids

Our purpose in Lego Kids – our church for children – is to help kids develop a personal relationship with God. We do this by having a lot of fun while learning about God! We want to see kids saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, and to grow in serving!
Lego Kids serves kids from Newborn through 12 years old. Every Sunday the children learn about loving God and people, doing everything with excellence, being generous and obedient to the Word of God, but above all that we are saved by the grace of God and the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.
It’s important to us to provide a fun and safe environment for kid. We have age-appropriate games, worship, bible-based lessons, and prayer for every age group!

LNS_0027 2.jpeg

Love, serve and send are the three words that define Missions. And wherever we are we want to love Jesus and our neighbors, serve our country, and prepare workers to be sent to the nations. We are committed to being instruments to achieve the expansion of the
kingdom of God locally and globally.

Radiant Women

There are stories and testimonies that bring us closer, but our love for Christ unites us more. At Radiant Women, we seek to cultivate our lives in the Word of Christ, to know and do the will of God, and no matter the circumstance, we seek to set our eyes on God. We meet monthly to learn from the Word, pray for each other and spend time together.


The church is more than a place with four walls; we are the church. Therefore, following in the footsteps of Jesus, with Rescate we seek to reach and serve those in need. In our heart is the community close to our church, addicts, prostitutes, children, and the elderly.

The Married Life

We’re here to help you cultivate a healthy and strong marriage and family. Our desire is to equip marriages with a solid foundation so they can flourish and transform neighborhoods, communities, and future generations. Whether you’re preparing for marriage, blending a family, enriching your marriage,
struggling through a crisis in your marriage, or trying to figure out how to raise godly kids, we have something for every season.

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